Structured Cabling Solutions

There’s a strategy to connecting people to their devices and the outside world. Whether it’s a data center, office building or hospital, installing a reliable telecommunications infrastructure is critical for any business. Even though structured cabling is hidden behind a wall, there is no excuse for neglecting industry standards and best-practice solutions that prepare your facility for the needs of today and tomorrow.

Structured cabling systems support functionality of communications systems, such as phone services, data transmission and the company server. Without properly designed and installed structured cabling infrastructure, the critical systems your business uses every day could be at risk. Fortunately, when you use ABcom’s structured cabling services, you can be confident in the consistent functionality of your communications systems.

Insights and Clarity

We believe an optimal facility starts with an educated, empowered client. ABcom’s network systems and data communications analysts take the initiative to walk each of our clients through structured cabling standards, best practices and why they work. We’ll collaborate to provide our expert advice on details such as the optimal number of outlets per workstation, backbone fiber strand count and server room layout strategy.

Quality Expansion

Rest assured our low-voltage installation technicians are some of the brightest in the industry and are equipped with sophisticated test equipment that improves quality and reliability every step of the way.

ABcom takes great pride in meeting structured cabling standards, while leaving room for growth. A crucial factor in that delivery is the ability to prepare your facility for the needs of the future. Our structured cabling solutions have the perspective, projection and planning to enable future expansions within your system. As your business grows, your facility will be right there with you and ready for the road ahead.

Consistency Is Crucial

Using ABcom’s structured cabling services means the same heads planning your system will guide the hands that install it. There’s no need to hire multiple structured cabling contractors and risk misguided interpretations of your plans.

ABcom ensures your network cabling infrastructure won’t fail you in the years to come.