Project – Baltimore Ravens

Customer Description

In 1998 Baltimore acquired its own NFL franchise in the Baltimore Ravens, whose home is located at the 1,600,000 square foot M&T Bank Stadium. The Baltimore Ravens have earned a LEED-certified Gold designation for the M&T Stadium from the U.S. Green Building Council. In addition to their dedication to efficiency and the environment, the Ravens are committed to ensuring and improving the at-home gameday experience for their fans.

Project Summary

Following the lead of early adopters, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles, the Baltimore Ravens sought to deploy a new, high-performance Wi-Fi network in M&T Bank Stadium to connect their more than 70,000 fans and stadium guests seamlessly. ABcom was brought in to work in conjunction with equipment manufacturer Extreme Networks and systems integrator PCM on the Baltimore Ravens’ project.

With the incorporation of ABcom’s powerful, stadium-wide wireless network, fans will be able to engage and share Ravens and NFL content with ease. Not only will this change the way Ravens fans share their experience at the game, but also simplify everything from ordering food to updating their fantasy league and more.

ABcom’s aesthetically integrated network was completed entirely during the Raven’s off-season, working around all calendar events and not interfering with stadium business. This quality installation comes with a 20-year CommScope warranty.

Case Study

Download Baltimore Ravens’ Case Study to know how ABCom leverages high-density Wi-Fi to meet increasing demands.

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