About ABcom

Mission: We connect

Vision: We will be the world’s most customer-centric technology provider in the design, build and maintenance of mission-critical communications systems, connecting people with their world.

Company History

The Early Years

We opened our first location and current business headquarters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, in 1995. Our mission from the beginning has been to create and maintain satisfied customers by providing unprecedented customer service.

ABcom distinguished itself in the low-voltage industry with our commitment to customer service excellence, our staff of RCDDs, installers and technicians trained to the highest standards in the industry, and our internal business processes that emphasize continuous improvement and education. The hard work and long hours spent establishing relationships with our customers has allowed us to grow and expand to the organization we are today.


Over the past twenty years, we have grown to serve clients in all 50 states, and are the preferred structured cabling partner for many national enterprises and organizations. Our business operations have expanded and continue to grow both in geography and vertical markets. Delivering mission-critical data to and within call centers, Fortune 500 offices, data centers, hospitals and more spanning both local and national needs  our technology paves a way for client growth and reliability.

Quality Since 1995

ABcom is committed to superb cabling solutions and the transfer, security and maintenance of big data. That’s millions of gigabytes over thousands of servers where data is absolutely critical to our clients.

We pride ourselves on our 20 years of data experience and expertise. Our dedication to high-quality network solutions, ongoing training and industry knowledge allows us the privilege of installing the most impressive data infrastructure our clients have ever seen. Quality isn’t simply defined as miles of copper and optic cable installed to exacting standards  we believe ABcom quality is connecting people with their world through the most customer-centric services, which are designed, maintained and installed by the most talented employees in the industry.