Data Center Relocation Services

Thinking about data center relocation can be dizzying. When you are dealing with mission-critical data, any loss of information or damage to your equipment can have catastrophic results. From critical systems going offline, transport risks, safety of critical data, and quality assurance, there’s no easy way to ensure a secure, quick and comfortable move.

Unless you use our data center relocation services. We’ll handle the big move so you can focus on your business goals. From figuring out data center logistics to the design of your new facility infrastructure, our expert technicians can make relocation more efficient, with minimal downtime.

Streamlined Complexity Without Sacrifice

Trust your sensitive information, operations, processes and mission-critical data to the professionals. If you power down a server in the wrong fashion or place your rack in the watch of a careless mover, you can quickly nickel and dime yourself into countless accessory insurance costs.


Working with ABcom means you have the flexibility to schedule your data center move over the course of a weekend and pick up business as usual on Monday. Our expert technicians give clients the confidence that their data center equipment will be properly shut down, transported, reinstalled and tested. We appreciate the fine details of a major move and eliminate the unnecessary complexity of hiring multiple vendors to get the job done.

Direct Point of Contact

Working with us to coordinate your data center relocation enables clear communication and expectations every step of the way. You will have a specific, knowledgeable technician who is available to you during the entire data center relocation, making sure you are aware of progress and any potential hiccups. We maintain status updates and touch points throughout the process to answer any questions or concerns that may arise.