How High-Density Wi-Fi Exceeded Strategic Goals for the Baltimore Ravens

Mobile devices and wearable technology have increased the demand for fast, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. These new challenges are significantly noticeable at large venues and events, where tens of thousands of attendees are posting, tweeting, purchasing, communicating, and more, all through the use of the same Wi-Fi system that supports business objectives. Sporadic, unreliable, or insecure connectivity poses a risk to both customer satisfaction and business goals.

The Baltimore Ravens realized that providing high-density Wi-Fi would not only provide consumers with the connectivity they need, but that it would fundamentally impact critical business components. By leveraging the services of ABcom, PCM, and Extreme Networks, the Ravens implemented a world-class Wi-Fi solution at M&T Bank Stadium to provide the best game-day experience possible for their fans. Additionally, their improved solution laid a foundation for the future to meet strategic business goals:

Business Goals

  • Stadium operations
  • Technology
  • Digital media
  • Marketing
  • Business Development

Single Investment Yields Multiple Results

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