Project – Honeywell

Customer Description

Honeywell’s Industries and Technologies improve the lives of people everywhere, every day. Honeywell’s Aerospace business creates better collision avoidance and traffic control systems, wing ice and wind shear sensors, autopilots and landing systems. The Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) business makes homes and offices more comfortable and safe. And the Transportation Systems business makes great strides in energy efficiency. Inside our Specialty Materials business, we improve the bullet-resistance of body armor using Honeywell’s advanced fibers.

Project Summary

ABcom was selected to provide low voltage cabling system solutions for Honeywell’s $40M Golden Valley renovation project. The consolidation of five metro offices into one central location requires complete attention to detail to minimize downtime for employees moving to new workstations.

At completion, this project will consist of more than 1.5 million feet of Category 6 cabling installed to more than 8000 locations. Thousands of feet of fiber optic and multiple-pair copper cabling was installed from the main data center and phone room to 10 IDF locations. Cabling was installed for the research and development CCTV system to a total of 34 locations including several outdoor locations.

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