Project – The Biodesign Institute – Arizona State University

Customer Description

The Biodesign Institute’s 350,000 sq. ft. facility is designed to foster the fusion of previously distinct areas of science. It was named 2006 Laboratory of the Year by R&D Magazine in an international competition.

The Biodesign Institute focuses on:

  • Creating personalized diagnostics and treatments
  • Outpacing infectious disease
  • Ensuring a healthy future for our planet & ourselves
  • Securing a safer world

Project Summary

ABcom served as the cabling partner to our strategic partner Technology Providers, Inc. (TPI) who were selected by Arizona State University to provide the unique, state-of-the-art audio visual systems for the Biodesign Institute.

This 170,000-square-foot building, the first of four that will make up ASU’s Biodesign Institute, will be home to 285 researchers and eight of the Institute’s initial 10 centers. This sleek-looking building and its state-of-the-art labs incorporate the latest innovations in design and functionality in order to promote scientific inquiry and collaboration.

Incorporating information and images to educate employees and visitors alike, the visionaries at this facility have designed a system able to manage and deliver customizable and scheduled content to over 50 displays.

The Biodesign Institute incorporates multiple audio video systems that serve as presentation platforms and provide content to various atriums, lobbies, and break rooms throughout the building. Powerful software that controls on-screen graphics allows these systems to provide intuitive command and control functionality over the display, thus offering the Institute’s support staff optimal expediency in their day-to-day responsibilities.

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