Is Your Wireless Infrastructure Outdated?

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More and more, companies looking to improve their communications systems are turning to a wireless network infrastructure. After all, a wireless infrastructure is fast, secure and reliable, which may provide a foundation for more efficient operations. But those benefits become hindered when you don’t update your company’s wireless local area network (LAN) when necessary.

When to Upgrade Your Wireless Network Infrastructure

Signs of an outdated system are hard to miss. If an issue with one particular device is slowing down or freezing your entire wireless network, for example, it’s time to seek wireless infrastructure services. If malware attacks are overwhelming your desktop antivirus software, it’s time to upgrade. Look to your wireless LAN’s security system to determine if your company is in need of wireless infrastructure services. How secure is your network? If your routers and switches have built-in passwords and default SNMP community strings, which means anyone with the password can change settings and security controls, then it’s probably time to upgrade your system.

Business Risks of an Outdated Network

An outdated wireless infrastructure is more than just a nuisance, it can hinder business growth. Mobile security incidents can cost large companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in just one year. A compromised network could take down your entire data center. Additionally, when IT staff are busy responding to wireless network issues, it takes them away from other business-critical jobs. As a result, your outdated, vulnerable wireless network could be impacting your customers.

Advantages of an Updated System

By employing wireless infrastructure services to update your network, you’ll improve your data center’s overall security. Be sure to encrypt your system data for optimal security and change the name of your network and default password. Set up a firewall for your system and run frequent security testing so you can quickly learn of any network issues. A network upgrade could help you to consolidate multiple security technologies into one solution — one that may cut costs and increase productivity across the board. An updated network also means you’re providing more reliable service and increasing functionality, which results in less continual IT support. Bottom line: An outdated wireless network infrastructure can slow down not only your system, but also your company’s productivity. It compromises your company security, which is a risk no company can afford to take. By updating your network, you’ll increase data security and staff productivity. You’ll also save your company the time and money it takes to continually address issues within your system. Do your company a favor and upgrade your outdated wireless network infrastructure — your business may depend on it.


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