Open Source Data Management: Pros and Cons

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Open source data management refers to the usage of open source programs and platforms to store data. This open source software is usually created by a collaboration project of developers and given to the public for free, making it an economically attractive option. But how does it compare to a proprietary solution? We weigh the advantages and concerns regarding open source storage. PROS
  •      Cost effective. Most open source software is either totally free or very low cost. This is an obvious advantage when trying out the open source system before upgrading to a premium service.
  •      Readily available. With proprietary vendors, the pricing for software is often not listed. Many vendors require back-and-forth communication with a sales representative to determine the cost of the system before purchase and implementation can take place. In contrast, open source systems are often as easy as visiting the website and downloading the software.
  •      The open source philosophy. The open source philosophy is built upon the freedom of information and the collaborative spirit. While your business may have to pay nothing for the software, a developer built it and released it for free. From there, other software developers can change or improve upon the original code. This means that open source code is not static but rather a living, changing code that can actually improve over time.
  •      Limited capabilities. Because open source software is often free and built as part of a collaborative project, it is often lacking in some of the more complex or sophisticated capabilities that proprietary storage software can have.
  •      Lack of support. In the same vein, free software is free for a reason. If you are in need of technical support, you will have to dive in and figure it out yourself. Paying for proprietary data storage solution means you get the benefits of paid experts available to help.
  •      Security. Perhaps the biggest disadvantage to using open source data storage solutions is the lack of security. With a more simple, free solution, it is not likely that open source software will encrypt the data being stored in the cloud. If the data being stored is sensitive information, you would be better off using a paid data storage service.
Open source data management software could work great for businesses looking to cut costs on storage and who may only need rudimentary functions, but if safety of sensitive information is a serious concern it may be best to pay up for a proprietary data storage solution.


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